European Court of Justice takes complaint from Razvozhaev lawyers


European Court of Justice took complaint from Razvozhaev lawyers and sent request to give full information concerned case of Leonid Razvozhaev to Russian and Ukrainian Government. He is accused in preparation of mass riots on Bolotnaya Square on 6 May. His lawyer Anna Stavitskaya informed about it on her page on Facebook.

«Recently letter from European Court of Justice was delivered, EC resolved to apply the rule 40 of Court and sent complaint and request to give full information concerned case of Leonid Razvozhaev» posted Stavitskaya.

«The rule 40 means that EC enters the process immediately», — explained to «» A. Stavitskaya.

In October case was commenced on fact of preparations for mass riots. Beside Razvozhaev, coordinator of «Left Front» Sergey Udalcov and activist of this movement Konstantin Lebedev are also accused.

Last week it was reported that Razvozhaev got one more accusation in robbery with violence 15 years ago. According to investigation: «On 4 December 1997 Razvozhaev with partners armed with two guns and shotgun broke into flat of entrepreneur and demanded to give them property» .Official representative of Investigation Committee Vladimir Markin said that Razvozhaev and his partners stole from fur vender «video camera and 500 fur hats». Fur vender lost 95 million undominated money»

By the way, according to Russian Law System, 15 years are maximum prison term or robbery by group of people. Therefore the case would have been closed on 4 December if Razvozhaev was not accused again.




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