Trials of rioters from penal colony №62 goes on


Trial of rioters goes on in Sverdlovsk regional court. For two weeks a right on defense is violated — extra defender wasn’t admitted to one of the accused. According to investigation this accused is the main riot maker. Riots which were provoked by current situation developed by administration and disparities among convicts… Some are endued with commanding and executive functions, others are to come under command of not only Government but other convicts.

Afterwards being despaired patience of convicts has snapped.. Even under threatens prisoners have organized an act of protest… Basically they were forced to step on criminal path. System generated hatred to System in response to humiliation and power abuse.. Who stands to profit from it? Besides they don’t give a chance to protect themselves. Finally private lawyer has stepped into court process, switched with court-appointed lawyer. human defenders had to spend their budget to pay for this lawyer. Now court hearings go under control of society. It’s not big money but we show our appreciation to Yekaterinburg Advocates’ Bar ruled by Valeriy Khaimin who has helped us out.


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