Moscow -Helsinki Group held Public Monitoring Committee school.


From 10 till 15 of February 2013 in Moscow at training center of «Tourist» hotel, MHG held the School of human rights for Public Monitoring Committee  members.

Compared to traditional schools of human rights by MHG, this school was dedicated to subject: «Public control for place of forced imprisonment». For the school an interactive course was prepared with use of the most successful and tested methods and thematic material.During the school time 27 listeners -chairmen, assistants, members, candidates of Public Monitoring Committee from different regions of Russia took a part in work.








Classes were conducted by leading trainers and experts from MHG in public control.















Igor Sazhin, Sergey Shimovolos








Andrey Yurov















Nina Tagankinf, Leonid Petrashis








Andrey Babushkin








Valentin Gefter

The main thematic parts of the school: introduction to theory and philosophy of human rights, national and international mechanisms for human rights protection, concepts and successful methods of public control, actual issues of providing human rights of prisoners, activity to protect and public interests, attendance closed departments and ways for conflict situations resolutions.

Besides common classes listeners willingly attended extracurricular classes — discussion on role and place of activities regarding to human rights in developing civil society, on problems of reforming prison system….etc.

Also worth noting is that peculiarity of this school was increased attention of participants to problems of interaction building inside Public Monitoring Committee and protection of public control interests authorities. The participants worked out common strategies, rules and mechanism in interactions with colleagues (PMC members), prisoners, authorities and mass media during discussion, disputes and exercises. Also an independence approach of public control on examples of national and traditional policy was subject to deep thinking. Participants discussed in details problems of legislative regulation of conflicts in public control in Russia.

After the school final questionnaire for participants were provided .26 out of 27 participants admitted helpfulness of the school, 21 pointed out that school is connected closely with their activity. Participants were thankful to organizers, trainers and experts for excellent event and knowledge they got, which they can use in regular work.

The school of human rights on public control for places of forced imprisonment held with help of joint project of Human rights commissioner in Russia and Human rights and  antidiscrimination Directorate of the Council of Europe «Russian project Public Monitoring Committee»




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