Refusals from legal help of penal colony №55 convicts


Group of relatives addressed to Sverdlovsk human rights defenders about convicts serving their sentence in penal colony №55 of Ivdel.  They said relatives are beaten by officers who try to prevent them from sending complaints.

On February 19 human rights defenders including Aleksey Sokolov, Larisa Zakharova and Roman Kachanov visited this colony to check information. Human rights defenders have been waiting for 6 hours demanding  legal permission to step in colony; only after phone call to chief assistance of Federal Service for Execution of punishment G.N.Gubankov he could get in but after «3 hour lunch» of colony chief №55 B.B.Koncevich.

Human rights defenders were ready to check information and find out the truth. But prison officer began to bring out copies of refusals from inmates. It seemed that all 11 convicts refused from legal help of attorney Kachanov and human rights defender Sokolov.

Human rights defenders were forced to go to Investigation Committee to make claims about initiation a criminal case; defender have all grounds to suspect that refusals were fake.

To be continued..


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