Abuse of power in penal colony №46 of Nevyansk: attorney is detained and searched, human rights defender is not admitted


On February 21, 2013 attorney Roman Kachanov and human rights defender Aleksey Sokolov arrived to penal colony №46 of Sverdlovsk region (Nevyansk) aiming to give legal help for some convicts addressed to defenders through their relatives because of constant tortures and beatings.

However Fund Expert «For convicts’ rights protection» and famous Russian human rights defender Aleksey Sokolov wasn’t admitted to those convicts despite of having all necessary papers and showing them to colony Chief I.V.Chikin, Chief deputy V.I. Pospelov and colony lawyer.

Also unlawful actions occurred before towards attorney Roman Kachanov in this colony. Thus in the course of meetings with convicts communication was interrupted without any grounds by some prison officer. In fact he could manage to have meetings with three convicts only. Prison officer demanded Roman Kachanov to follow him in office premises where Major A.I.Nikolayev waited for Roman.

During conversation with Roman, Nikolayev wanted him to show explanation list of one convict. Attorney Roman Kachanov stated that it’s attorney-client privilege but Nikolayev kept demanding. When he showed him the first page of explanation Nikolayev grabbed it. Then he called several officers (6-7) who requested strictly that Roman put all things out of his bag that means to conduct illegal searching.

Prison officers consider that found hard drive, USB-cable, dictaphone, flash-drive and Yekaterinburg map are subject to withdrawal.

Roman Kachanov made an effort to explain that these things are not banned here and he showed Order of Supreme Court from 07.02.2012 which proves lawfulness of dictaphone and camera use.

However it didn’t work. Moreover Major A.I. Nikolayev left for 25 minutes with his dictaphone. Apparently he took data from it. Afterwards chief inspector D.V. Melnikov made up a report on administrative violation: at 9:30 Roman Kachanov stepped on living zone territory having stuff which is prohibited her.

Attorney Roman Kachanov and human rights defender Aleksey Sokolov feel indignant by such illegal behavior of prison officers and they have intention to struggle for justice.

Court session where this case shall be examined on March 5, 2013 at 15.00, Lenina str.9, Nevyansk.

Trip to penal colony №46 showed that prison officers are not illiterate only in legal thing. Thus human rights defenders noticed information stand where there is a mistake in words.



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