Federal Service for Execution of punishment vs. Public Monitoring Committee


On March 14, 2013 we made a trip to penal colonies №26, 19 of Tavda to provide legal help for prisoners consisting of Expert Council member under Ombudsman of the Russian Federation Aleksey Sokolov, Trans-regional human rights center Chairman and attorney Roman Kachanov and Fund «For convicts’ rights protection» specialist Svetlana Malyugina.

Upon arrival to Tavda  we wrote requests on meetings and spread to facillities, they are close.



Roman Kachanov went to penal colony №19 where he met with two convicts and consulted them in legal issues.

Aleksey Sokolov and Svetlana Malyugina visited penal colony №26 where convict German is serving his sentence, earlier he told members of Public Monitoring Committee A.Bashkov and V.A. Shaklein about corruption and extortion in penitentiary №62 of Ivdel. With the consent from German members posted this material in mass media and Internet.

We don’t know if checks on this fact were held but German’s life changed much. In penitentiary №55 German was beaten and made urination act on him. After they made a resolution over transfer to ward type room and sent him to penitentiary №26 of Tavda. Upon today’s inspection we found that Federal Service for Execution of punishment represented by Romankov applied physiological pressure and threatened him for 3-4 hours. Romankov wanted hom to write a claim on Public Monitoring Committee members who posted information of corruption. Probably he forgot old Russian saying: » word is but wind, the written letter remains «.

расписка германа и мифтахова


Thus Sverdlovsk Federal Service wants to compromise members of Public Monitoring Committee while they are doing their job.

It happened not for the first time when representatives come over in order to force convicts to slander human rights defenders and members.

Convict German wrote a claim in our organization and Federal Security Service Directorate because he is under apprehension of his life and health.

We will be monitoring the developments of German situation and making efforts to keep his life safe.

Specially focus on lawfulness and friendly attitude from colony Chief of penal colony №26 — A.V. Shek and his deputy  K.S. Barkalov who didn’t obstruct work. There is professional behavior certainly in there.



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