In Kemerovo expert of «Protection of prisoners’ rights» was kidnapped and beaten


Fund got information from regional representative Sergey Okhotin that on April 6, 2013 about 18:30 pm in Kemerovo on the crossroad of Dzherzinskogo-Lenina streets, special forces officers from Federal Service for Execution of Punishment «Kedr» (6 people) kidnapped Dmitriyev Aleksey Nikolaevich, then he was brought to the forest and beaten. They posed a threat to kill him. Kidnapping, beatings and threaten are connected with human defenders activitity of Dmitriyev A.N.

06.04.2013 about 14-15 pm local time, a man who  named  himself investigator Volkov called Dmitriyev A.N and suggested to meet. Dmitriyev agreed because he knew that mentioned investigator participates in investigation of case (Art.286) towards authorities of penal colony № 5 — beatings of prisoners in November 2012.

Before some meters from pointed place white minibus «Gazel» or «Sobol» with privacy glass  stopped the way to Dmitriyev. From bus got out fast officers in masks, put Dmitriyev on the ground, put on him handcuffs and bag on his head. Having pushed him in the bus, they brought Dmitriyev to the forest located in Rydnichnyi district of Kemerovo.

In the forest kidnappers pulled him out of the car and began to beat Dmitriyev using legs and arms into the head, ribbs. They threatened him if he doesn’t leave Kemerovo region during next 48 hours, we will be killed.

Dmitriyev A. N who served earlier in special forces as well was fighting back, possibly broke a nose of someone.

Dmitriyev got soft tissue bruise,head damage, chest.  Thus human defender Dmitriyev A.N who is trying to make it possible not to stop a case № 12610461 towards authorities in prisons, are forced to leave the region.

He can identify 3 criminals for sure. One of them has distinguishing characteristics — tattoo and broken nose.

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