Aleksey Kalinicenko from pre trial detention center № 1 (Yekaterinburg city) with strange ecomonic sentence describes his typical day in the prison.

— Morning. 06:00. Guard comes up to me, calls me up -means to go to the court. Take my stuff. 07:00 -goes out my cell  to the «box»-small place about 6 m2 without windows and ventilation. Usually there are 10-15 people inside. Many of them smoke and cough. Nothing to breathe. You have to handle it for 2 hours before car comes for everyone.

I go inside this place and…. I can’t believe my eyes! In the corner among adults a boy is standing! Just a child! It seems it is hallucination! No! the boy looks like 12 years old. I come closer, he stands shivering with big eyes.

-Don’t be scared! — I say

-I’m not scared! -I hear the quite answer

-What is your name?

— Vladimir,- sad voice, watching at crowds of men.

-How old are you?


14 years!!!!! Here in dirty pre trial detention center!!  One among all this fear! What is going on in his heart, that beats so much? Black eyes

-How come you are here?- I carry on through the silence of curious eyes.

-158, 163 articles — he counts the articles of law with shivering voice.

Impossible!! It’s seen that a kid is from normal family, dressed clean? Who put on him all those cases and articles?

-Which cell are you from?

— He says the number of infectious ward of pretrial detention center

— Hey!- i turn around to men in this room. Who is from first site?

-Me, -answers man of 40 years.

-Who is there?- I try to identify Vladimir’s neighbors.

That guy says names and nicknames with diagnosis- all adults.

-Vladimir! -I addressed to the kid. What kind of disease do you have?

-I am not ill

-Why are you in the prison hospital?

-They told me I was insane

-Who told that?


— And now where are they taking you?

-mental health facility — almost crying voice.

I don’t ask anymore. I give him some water, try to calm him down. But deep inside I have fire of desperation.

Who could earn stars on the uniform using kids!??

Shitty people! How is it called? Who said Russia fell down in 1937? no! It’ s not like that. It’s already 1942-43-44-45 years of Nazi cages!!! But unlike us Nazi didn’t kill their kids. So who we are?

You  just think about REALITY, history of our days, when there is no war, when we get dressed in boutique, eat in glamour restaurants and laugh at  «Comedy Club» jokes!!!

Meanwhile, not far away, brand new Nazi in uniforms from Yudashkin kill the kids, using their vulnerability and our unconcern.

But the most terrible is that people knowing about this problem, pretend that nothing happens as usual.! And here is the real reason of our disasters in present as well as in the future, because there is nothing more than kids, THEY ARE OUR FUTURE!! Are we able to understand it? I doubt! or maybe I’m mistaken? Then prove yourself that I’m mistaken! Prove yourself that you might exist not only to have but TO BE!  TO BE real, alive, strong! prove!

Having said Goodbye to Vladimir, I put down all his profile and I’m ready to give unformation for someone who wants to help!

To my biggest shame I cannot take measures  because my hands are still in the handcuffs. But, yoy who are free — accede! I’m waiting!!



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