During a year in prison about 4 thousand people has died. VIDEO


According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, in 2012  3907 people died in prisons. There 28 homicides and 961 reported crimes have committed, such figures stated by  General Prosecutor Yuri Chaika addressed to the Council of the Federation.

According to the report, there is a shortage in prisons shortage of medicine and disinfectants, as well as violation of the living conditions. For example, last year from the prisoners were extorted  over 4.2 million rubles, more than 21 million liters of alcohol, and over 10 million cell phones.

It is also noted that prison buildings are in critical conditions, every third prison is more than one hundred years. Many of them — buildings of XVIII-XIX centuries where in order  to improve the conditions to meet international standards, without big sum of money is impossible.

Source: Pravda.ru


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