A drug provocation is framed up for Chelyabinsk human rights defender


Well known Chelyabinsk  journalist and human rights activist Oksana Trufanova at the previous weekend became the victim of a provocation because of  local law enforcement.

A car of Oksana which was used to take French journalists across the city who shoot a film about the events in Kopeysk colony № 6, was searched on suspicion of drug traffic. Of course drugs were not found there, but Trufanova even was examined on drugs, and again there is nothing in her blood. Chelyabinsk journalists describe this event like that: » April, 20 three men in uniform, two of them even didn’t say their names and positions, stopped the car of Chelyabinsk human rights defender Oksana Trufanova and searched it». There were things of French journalists who were interviewing a family  of Korovkin- dead prisoner from Kopeysk colony № 6. At police station officers tried to stop Oksana from writing a claim against illegal actions of officers. Then they sent her to have a medical examination. In her blood nothing was found.»says «Novyi Region».

Now Oksana Trufanova intends to appeal to the prosecutor. Earlier, she had already written a statement about illegal actions of law enforcement officers to the police. «There have been violated two laws: the Law on Police and the Law on Operational and investigative activities. These laws strictly regulate the activities which are carried out, who should be invited, what kind of  protocols should be. There was nothing done, it is not clear what for the whole thing was, «- said the human rights activist.

 Trufanova stated  in conversation with «Osobaya bukva»: «No protocols or records connected with me were made by police. Therefore it’s  not appropriate to say that I was arrested. It can be said that, for me there was a  stupid provocation, which we managed to stop.» Trufanova notes professional work of police Chelyabinsk region, which  fast arrive to a place of event and started checking the legality of the actions the policemen, who organized this drug provocation.

Source: specletter.com



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