Impervious Saratov…


One story about human rights trip to Central part of Russia.

How much they don’t love us there…. They are hiding from us, stamps are hiding into safes… claims are not registered… administration begins to work with “secret papers”….  It’s getting funnier how they hide from two women… Officers’ glory… And the reason is that once we broke the peace in their “kingdom” when we faced facts of law violations. Prisoners wanted to meet us; we couldn’t manage to be in time. They told us how administration extort money, beat prisoners, how they cannot send any complaints, how administration sends healthy prisoners to prison hospital and apply treatment they don’t need at all. Once we visited this “famous” hospital -1… Quite place with many roses in blossom but atmosphere is weird… discomfort….

And then they brought us the prisoner …. Maybe we would not have believed that the stories and concerns of prisoners at the prison hospital-1 are not accidental. We saw… convict F., we began to communicate, and he cannot speak, barely gave the answers that he was beaten by officers, were taken to the hospital, the staff told him that he was ill. F. barely remembered his name and where his relatives live. His hands, lips, and eyelids trembling … It was evidently that he was very ill. He said that he is given medicines — a lot of tablets, from which he felt very ill…

Last year story and we still feel the consequences. Now they do not like us at all, they did not like checks. In a region as we think there is a secret order — do not let us by any reason. A convicted person later called us, thanked for saving his life, and now he is on the loose. It’s so amazing to do help people.


And in prison hospital -3 in Balashov, Saratov region, chief of penal colony Komarov S.K does not sign the application for appointment; they say to send in the mail. We tried for fun, the answer was a — application received after this date, and therefore, could not provide a meeting … Here we go around in circles…

By the way, I immediately went to the Belgorod region, it was nice to work… even they let to work on weekends. Quietly, without any problems.  Because there is nothing to fear and hide.

But while we were waiting for the chief to penal colony -7 in  Panitskiy Saratov region, found appeal for help for sick girl, we asked for a copy, and again they  hide and run… What a  people when  you want to help, they FEAR!

Ok, nobody will forbid us to help….

Larisa Zakharova and Kristina Ashurova.



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