Who will charge him…

Уголовное дело в отношении экс-начальника ИК-62 Гусева направлено в суд

Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation in Sverdlovsk region initiated a case towards the Head of the penal colony № 62 (Ivdel city) on Art. 290, part 5 of criminal code of Russia.( bribery on  a large scale). Punishment for this kind of crime is 12 years of sentence. According to investigation on 1 May, 2012 suspect got from local civilian through agent in Severouralsk first part of bribe -200 000 rubles for making papers with positive characteristics on prisoner who is serving in the colony № 62  and for helping with realesing on parole. On May 20, 2013 that prisoner was released on parole due to decision of Ivdel city court.

Then in May 21, 2013 from 19 to 21 pm the Head being in his car «TOYOTA LAND CRUISER PRADO» on the territory of gas station (Rudnichnaya street) got the second part of the bribe -100 000 rubles for positive result with that prisoner. After getting this sum of money he was arrested by police of Ivdel security department and FSB. We should note that suspect Chief of the colony is deputy of Ivdel city dictrict as well and towards him there is a special procedure on arrest and initiation of a criminal case.

 However,  the court refused to send him to the prison,  the investigator of the Investigation Committee of the chose  the form of recognizance not to leave and appropriate behavior. The criminal investigation continues.

Source: sverdlovsk.sledcom.ru

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