General of Sverdlovsk Federal Service for Execution of Punishment Khudorozhkov accepted problems with prison activists in the penal colony № 46 in Nevyansk


On May 30, 2013 at 9 pm members of Public Monitoring Committee of Sverdlovsk region Bashkov V. and Rozhin D. left the penal colony № 46 where they have arrived at 4:40 as soon as they could. They checked departments № 7,6, talked to prisoners and administration.

In the colony № 46 they met the Head General Khudorozhkov S. who provided admission of prisoners. He invited human rights defenders in his office to speak. Members of Public Montoring Committee explained what they saw in the prison during two hours. Basically, they talked about special prison practice when they particular prisoners as  administrative staff -«activists». It means during visit of defenders so called «activists» controlled other sentenced, their actions and admittance to other parts of prison. General admitted a problem: part of prisoners authorized to fulfill administrative control.

Watch the video from «4 Channel», 3 min, 23 sec.

Therefore information from Tregybov and Sinushin were proved true about violence of «activists», who are called SDiP, vulgarly -bitches.

In the end Bashkov added that this problem exists not only in the colony № 46. Traits of SDiP he saw in colonies № 2,13, 47, 55 but he applied to the prosecutor he got only one response -not proved. Will this story in the colony № 46 as a defining moment or activists ….? It depends on the Head of Federal Service for Execution of punishment.


* SDiP or «activists» -sentenced who are close to the administration of prison, authorized with command rights and who fulfill orders of administration with illegal actions. Before they could exist legally as self-regulating organizations which were forbidden later on by the Order of the Head of Federal Service for Execution of punishment in 2009.

Federal Service for Execution of punishment denies that these activists exist so far, however they still commit crimes towards other prisoners (tortures, rape, extortion..)

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