Aleksandr Procenko «hides» in Investigation Committee


On May 30, 2013 we inspected penal colony №62 of Ivdel with participation of human rights defender Aleksey Sokolov and attorney Roman Kachanov.

We were supposed to meet with two convicts: Denis Kavalerov and Valery Lifencev who were beaten in different times in penitentiary №62. Kavalerov was beaten to blunt abdominal trauma, he was in coma. His lien was removed (but Investigation committee didn’t submit fact of beatings so far, they stated that Kavalerov fell down leaving restroom).

Rule in penitentiary №62 since Gusev’s times is convict is not showed out without Chief sanction. Thus human rights defenders were forced to wait since early morning for Aleksandr Procenko — member of «Gusev’s band» who is now carrying out duties of colony Chief.



We didn’t see Procenko so we wrote complaints to Prosecutor office and left at 5:30 pm.


Arriving to Ivdel Prosecutor office Aleksey Sokolov and Roman Kachanov registered a claim and dropped in Ivdel’s prosecutors’ officers of Investigation committee. There we found out that Procenko has been here for several hours giving testimony. Good deal. But Procenko will answer for his abuse probably in Verkh-Isetsky regional court of Yekaterinburg according to the tradition….

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