Upon the statement of Prosecutor, refusal to provide a meeting with convict is declared illegal during court proceedings

Прокуратура осталась глуха и слепа к обращению ОНК

Accorging to web site of Chuvash Republic’s prosecutor office for supervision of laws in penitentiary system, during the audition of the penal colony № 6, irregularities were detected. They were revealed due to the complaints of expert of «To protect convicts» fund Larisa Zakharova and convict Artem Sidorov (personal data is changed), who serves in this colony.

In February Larisa Zakharova applied to the Head of colony № 6 with written statement with request to provide a meeting with Sidorov for legal help, she handed in copy of power of attorney proved by administration of the penal colony № 6 which guarantee a right to protect this convict. Besides, she provide a copy of charter of nonprofit organization «To protect rights of convicts» and expert ID of this fund. According to the Charter, aim and business type of Fund are formation and development of providing legal assistance for convicts system by any legal means. According to Article 12, part 8 of Penal Execution Code of the Russian Federation, convicts can get a help from authorized people. According to Article 89, part 4 for legal assistance convicts have meetings with people who can provide legal help, no restrictions and duration to 4 hours. The Head of this colony № 6 violated the law and didn’t provide a meeting with convicts with Larisa Zakharova.

Due to failure to take measures, Prosecutor sent a statement to Cheboksary regional court accordig Article 254  to state this refusal illegal  and to compel to provide this meeting to Zakharova.

Court stated this request true, refusal was illegal. Judgment didn’t come into legal force.

Scans of statements of Prosecutor.

иск прокурора-1иск прокурора-2

Human Defenders are thankful to Prosecutor officer of Chuvash Republic for honest  the performance of their duties in protecting LAW and rights of convicts for legal help.


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