Keep your hands off «For Human Rights»


Political repression towards human defenders:

Manifest of Ural organizations

According to media reports, on 21 June 2013, national security, defense and law enforcement agencies using power carried out forcible detainer of Russian social movement «For human rights» office in Malyi Kislovskoj pereulok where human organizations are located. As a result some civilians suffered, including a leader of movement «For human rights» -Lev Ponomarev and a leader of Russian democratic party «Yabloko» -Sergey Mitrokhin.

We state that we, representative of Ural human rights organizations — Trans regional social organization «Trans regional center of human rights» and Nonprofit partnership «Legal Basis» — consider this demonstrative action as a next attempt non democratic order to put pressure on civil society, try to destroy best representatives of mentioned above human rights organizations: people who carry out the most important mission — to protect human rights. To do everything that government is not able to do now.

Assurance of authorities that forcible detainer of office was connected with  expiration of a treaty for rent doesn’t have any grounds, because, first of all organization has a right to make it over, second, release of the premises, even if the entry into force of the court, in accordance with the law is a function of the Federal Bailiff Service, not law enforcement agencies such as the Federal Security Service. Participation of these services is a good proof of inadequate attitude to human rights organizations and huge desire to show pressure on such movements.

We, representatives of Ural organizations, show our protest against illegal actions of authorities and we demand to take measures for all guilty people and to provide good operation for Russian social movement «For Human Rights» and fund «For protection of convicts’ rights».

Trans regional social organization

«Trans regional center of human rights»

Nonprofit partnership «Legal Basis»


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