Who stops «Torture factory»?


On Investigation committee’s site of Sverdlovsk region on June 29, 2013 was posted information about convict’s death in penal colony №2 of Yekaterinburg.

According to the site of Investigation committee was found that convict transferred to penitentiary №2 some time ago. After he fell sick during half an hour he was under reanimation however doctors couldn’t save his life.

According to the first examination death was due to disease. In the course of investigation was examination as a result no bodily injuries found.

Relatives got a body and brought him back home. Upon arrival home they opened coffin and were shocked what they saw. Body was covered with bruises and injuries. In Ingushetia they held independent examination. All injuries were recorded. Anatomic pathologist thoroughly examined each bruises. Video is coming tomorrow.





There are traces from cuffs and burns



Boiling tortures in penitentiary №2 is sadistic practice and applied often, we made a lot of reports upon it.

Penitentiary №2 has reputation of torture colony where people die. Tortures and murders generally happen there with help of sp-called «activists» who illegally fulfill orders to murder inmates. As a rule crimes remain unpunished. Thus system spreads sadists and violators.

In 2007 Aleksey Sokolov filmed a documentary «Torture factory or pedagogical practice» where narrated about tortures. In Yekaterinburg relatives and attorney flew, tomorrow time for investigation why they didn’t notice injuries.

One day President Putin said that they kill terrorist in the restroom. Obviously his order is come true. Dead Tarkhan wasn’t terrorist, he was accused and sentenced BUT nobody condemned him to tortures.

Who is in charge for human death and who stops «Torture factory»?



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