Investigation committee accepted the presence of bodily harm on Kartoyev’s body


Expert testimony held in pre-investigation period confirmed presence of bodily injuries on Tatarkhan Kartoyev (convicted of subversion of «Nevsky express») who died from tortures in penitentiary № 2 of Yekaterinburg on June 29. RIA «Novosti» announces on authority of Investigation committee governor Aleksandr Logunov.

«There is certain bodily harm on Kartoyev’s body»,-says Loginov. Now  Investigation committee is checking up origin of injuries. Checks will last till September.

Meanwhile in July attorney of Kartoyev’s family Musa Pliyev showed another statement of Loginov: «I can say that investigator has inspected him. Bodily harm were not found.»

In the beginning of July site «Human defenders of the Urals» posted pictures of Kartoyev’s body with tortures traces. When relatives of dead convict brought his body to Ingushetia they discovered bruises, injuries there. In particular there were traces from handcuffs and skin burns.

Independent expert testimony was held after, all traumas were taped. It was commented by anatomic pathologist.

Yekaterinburg penitentiary № 2 has a torture reputation. Documentary by Aleksey Sokolov «Tortures factory or Pedagogical experience». There says about tortures with boiling water which is in practice of penitentiary. Attorneys except that Kartoyev was under such torture.

So called «activists» from convicts are dealing with these tortures and murders guided by administration. As a rule it stays unpunished.

Human defenders points out that according to law relatives are supposed to get medical evidence besides dead body. However they didn’t get it.

41-years old Kartoyev, resident of Ingush village Ekazhevo, was the oldest one from convicts with regard to «Nevsky» case. Father of Kartoyev — Ummatgiri after his son died, he told: «Tatarkhan arrived in penitentiary № 2 one week ago and he didn’t complain about his health.»

Attorney Tatiana Okushko affirmed to «He felt well, no complaints on health. He was convinced he would stay in imprisonment not for a long time because he believed in justice». Okushko added that Kartoyev came over on court hearings with bags as he was sure that judge would declare him not guilty.»


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