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Today Sverdlovsk regional court refused to allow the appeal from penitentiary № 62  over case of denial of access for Roman Kachanov to his defendants in November and December 2012.

As a reminder in 2012 prison governor Aleksandr Gusev (filed in criminal case now) made up various illegal reasons in order not to provide meetings with convicts (one day is absence of letter of attorney, another day is absence of claim).

On court hearings of Verkh-Isetsk deputy warden Svyatodukhov brought claims of convict post factum where he refused from legal assistance provided by Kachanov. Moreover another evidence didn’t confirm  a fact that those claims were written on the days of Roman’s presence in penitentiary (November 29, 2012 and December 24, 2012).  As for that convict being in another colony gave written explanation that exactly Svyatodukhov forced him to sign claims post factum. In attorney’s opinion, actions of deputy warden are subjects to criminal penalty: abuse of power, forgery by an official and falsification of evidence in civil case. Upon this fact a claim for initiation of criminal case was filed to Investigation committee to Valery Zadorin.

Meanwhile Verkh-Isetsky court without prejudice estimated all evidence of case, rejected «evidence» introduced by Svyatodukhov and handed down a decision over complete satisfaction of claims from Roman Kachanov.

Today Sverdlovsk regional court affirmed legitimacy of this decision.

Scans of Court decision upon this case:





Also you can have a look at papers from previous decisions from similar cases towards convict Vitaly Knyazev (denial of access of Larisa Zakharova to penitentiary № 62 for legal assistance)

Denial of access in November 2012:





Denial of access in January 2013:





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