Educational film on Public Monitoring Committees’ work experience


Today during panel discussion in Yekaterinburg there was the first showing of educational film about Public Monitoring Committees’ work which is called: «Civilian control in Russia as exemplified  by Rostov region». Scriptwriter and film director is famous Russian human rights defender, member of expert council under Ombudsman — Aleksey Sokolov.

Film was shot ahead of formation of Public Monitoring Committees of Russian regions in order to bring up to date new members and show them what they will face.

There in film activity of committees is shown by stages. Members of Rostov region share views on what kind of person new member should be, what they need to do and how to behave with authorities and prisoners.

Film makers thank members from Rostov region and their chairman — Leonid Valdemarovich Petrashis, Federal Service for Execution of punishment governor, major — general -Sergey Yurievich Smirnov, TV-channel  TNT -Volgodonsk and personally -Tatiana Cepeleve and Anna Revenko, Ural democratic fund and its leader — Nikolay Schur for assistance, organizational and moral support during film production.


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