Complaints from Tolokonnikova proved true


Representatives of Council under President on human rights — Maria Kannabikh, Elena Masyuk, Eugene Myslovsky and Iliya Shablinsky on September 25, 2013 visited participant of «Pussy Riot» launching a hunger strike — Nadezhda Tolokonnikova.

As Iliya Shablinsky said he has already spoken with several convicts and testimony of Nadezhda proved true. I talked to several convicts and it was terrifying».

Member of Public Chamber — Maria Kannibakh said that ward of Nadezhda was very warm and looked good. «I met with girls who work with Tolokonnikova and they were sure that there were no conflicts and Tolokonnikova was normal person». Maria added proved that sometimes convicts work 11-12 hours but if only they get express order.

As site «» announces, Tolokonnikova affirmed what she said in the letter posted on «»


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