Judge Evgeniya Savelieva demands to get Ivdel penal colony № 62 under control


Today on October 18, 2013 in Verkh-Isetsky regional court of Yekaterinburg a court session was held towards the Chief of the penal colony № 62 Andrey Yurievich Svyatodukhov upon the claim «In defense of convicts’ rights» Fund.

We remind that after honourless dismissal of the Chief of the penal colony № 62 Aleksandr Gusev temporarily Svyatodukhov performed the duties of the Chief. Andrey Svyatodukhov could manage to make loads and loads of stupid things, some of which are open law violations.

Thus on June 17 and 18 Svyatodukhov refused to provide a meeting for convict with lawyer-human rights defender Larisa Zakharova on the grounds of absense of written statements from this convict.

Human right defenders stated unlawful many times but the administration of the colony № 62 keep doing the same things anyway. In the court session time judge Evgeniya Savelieva couldn’t stand such a stupid «legal» arguments from a lawyer of the penal colony № 62 and many times brought her back to the earth reminding about Law.

Judge Evgeniya Savelieva

At the end court declared actions of Svyatodukhov to be illegal over refusal to admit human rights defender Larisa Zakharova to the convict.

Larisa Zakharova and Roman Kachanov
Роман и Лариса
Roman and Larisa in Verkh-Isetsky regional court


Human rights defenders

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