The Federal Service for Execution of Punishment makes a point

фото из интернета

Group of convicts — settlers who are serving a sentences in Irkutsk region in penitentiary № 14 asked for help of human rights defenders of the Urals.

In their petition there was a request to take in the situation where several convicts were beaten by prison officers in taiga at working place, afterwards one of them died from injuries. Also they complained they are kept with convicts from department under high security.  Upon request we addressed to Federal Service for Execution of punishment and Prosecutor office of Krasnoyarsk region. Besides we made written message and posted it on the site under the headline «Slaves» speak out again».

Later on we received additional materials about violation from prison officers towards convicts which we try to work on. We are going to file a complaint over illegal actions of officers.

Also we found out that operating service of Krasnoyarsk Federal Service for Execution of punishment immediately began investigation not on beatings of convicts but on fact of leakage of information from penitentiary.

It’s going on search those people who pass information on. According to convicts, operating officers from main department threaten them promising them to send to pretrial detention center of Krasnoyarsk, where so-called «Bulls» of administration beat out any information.

We know convicts who are promised to be under tortures and we will be monitoring situation with these convicts.

Response from Service for Execution of punishment of Russia:

ответ из Красноярска


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