French journalists’ve filmed a documentary about torture colonies of the Urals

Французские журналисты сняли документальный фильм о пыточных колониях Урала

French journalists have filmed a documentary called «Gulag of  21 century». Film was based on events in the colony № 6 of Kopeysk where in November 2012 mass act of protest happened against tortures, humiliation and extortion.  The beatings of convict from Rostov colonies. The incidents with  Nadezhda Tolokonnikova.  There are moments with beatings by rubber truncheons of convict in the colony № 2 of Yekaterinburg and comments of former chief of the colony № 2, he is Professor in Yekaterinburg university — Sergey Vetoshkin.


Sergey Vetoshkin

Former chief of the colony says upon cruel beating of inmate: «It’s better off filming this way and showing than 10 more inmates will be subjects to applying special methods». Logic is iron and cruel and this human being teaches youngsters in contemporary university of Russia.

In given film is shown how simple people protect themselves from arbitrary rule and can’t bring them to justice. Humans are crying from desperation. These are real-world effects in Russia.

The film is striking.

Photo:  Elise Menand and Madeleine Leroyer



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