Members of Public Monitoring Committee’ve visited pretrial detention -1 of Yekaterinburg


Carrying on the activity as part of Public Monitoring Committee of Sverdlovsk region of third calling, we together with Larisa Zakharova have visited pretrial detention center — 1 of Yekaterinburg. Larisa is a new member who has recently got the mandate.

The visitors have attended three units № 1, №2, №5. One of them is a hospital with division on active and passive forms of tuberculosis treatment and general therapy department. The bottom line is lack of financing, however there are medical staff and medical supplies. We couldn’t go into details closely, because our visit was arranged for information only for new member of Public Monitoring Committee. Obviously scope of work is huge and my colleague Larisa Zakharova is aware of.

In another unit there is a permanent problem: overcrowding and lack of personal places, which were fixed partly with help of detention units, however it doesn’t solve a problem completely. I suppose if there is a relocation of pretrial detention center and construction of new one there will be easier to resolve living issues. But these are only illusions so far.

We have visited juvenile criminals. I’ll tell straight off it’s very hard. I cannot believe that 14-years old boys are criminals for real and in custody but the fact remains. In course of checks there were several claims with requests on re-issue of documents and explanation of transfer procedures.

As part of visit I paid attention to main problems, treatment of inmates. Besides my view cannot be completed… So work gets started and a process of continuity of Public Monitoring Committee has launched.

Dmitry Rozhin

the Chairman of Public Monitoring Committee of Sverdlovsk region



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