In Russia train carriages for transfer go off the rails


This incident took place at railroad haul Solikamsk-Yava, 30 kilometers far from Berezniki. There two train carriages of the train № 604 went off the rails where convicts were in.  According to mass media, — «As follows in incident neither convicts nor officers from Federal Service for Execution of punishment was injured. No violations, no traffic delay». Information from 2010.

The fact that prisoners are transferred in Russia in overcrowded train carriages is not a secret. At one state-room there might be over 20 people, sometimes even more, although maximum number per one is 12 people. Before now convoy guards used to push convicts inside with help of dogs, sticks and kicks. Nowadays time is different but not everywhere this fact has changed.



Probably, time will come when convicts are going to be transferred in normal human conditions: providing water, meals and opportunity to use a bathroom not only when convoy feels sorry for you. There won’t be need for convicts — old or youngsters to run on trail ways following by dogs and kicks.


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