Will guilty ones in Kartoyev’s death be brought to justice? Not for faint-hearted

ФКУ ИК-2. «Маски-шоу»

Human rights defenders keep monitoring the development of the criminal case over dead convict from the penal colony № 2 — Tarkhah Kartoyev. We should state that different manipulations of Investigation bodies didn’t work when they tried to decline the opening of criminal case. Guilty ones remain unknown and unpunished. Investigation bodies representing by Dmitry Kostromin keeps his eyes closed in finding facts which can result initiation of the criminal case.

Meanwhile, even according to act of forensic medical examination № 3716 on  26.07.2013 the following injuries have been acquired on his body:

«Scratch marks: parietal region on the left, parieto-occipital region on the right, nose. Bruising: right shoulder, opisthenar of right hand, outside area of left shoulder, back side of left shoulder, middle finger of left hand, inner side of left hip, front side of left knee, left footstep, inner side of right footstep, front angle of right shoulder blade, right side of chest…».

According to extra forensic medical examination on 12.09.2013, «injuries were inflicted with blunt object».

Another way, Kartoyev had numerous bodily injuries multiplied by physiological pressure from «special forces» of the penal colony № 2 might result in death. But things aren’t moving. Even though Russian Federation took all responsibilities to follow European Convention for the protection of  human rights and fundamental freedoms. European Court of Justice stated no once that country is fully responsible for life, health and security of any humans who are in custody. If life, health and security of convict suffer, country must conduct an investigation and bring offenders to justice. Otherwise is violation of third article of European Convention.

At the present moment attorneys of Tarkhan Kartoyev appealed last decision on denial in opening the criminal case from 12.09.2013 in Verkh — Isetsky regional court of Yekaterinburg.

Human rights defenders of the Urals will be informing you on developments over this case.

Photos: examination of Kartoyev’s body:








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