Members of Public Monitoring Committee inspected female pre trial detention center-5


December 14, 2013 — Saturday. Anyway today it’s a working day, we, Olga Ivanovna Dianova and Dmitry Igorevuch Rozhin visited female pre trial detention center.

We did it without any troubles: unlike it happened in pre trial detention center-1, we didn’t have to wait for at all. We entered inside and officer on duty came over straight away. We checked in and that’s it.

Then we took a look at register book of Public Monitoring Committee (it’s weird that it dates from 2011 but there is no even one note). This way under former rule Public Monitoring Committee used to work, they couldn’t manage to make a report for the second calling of Committee.

All right, then we have checked service department (now it’s female, used to be male) — no complaints but department are not fully equipped, there are no beds. We have been communicating with inmates.

After that we guided by pre trial detention center officers we walked upstairs where we randomly inspected 7 wards. All of them are different, partly wards under maintenance.

There are some claims over medicine thing: complaints on teeth treatment (teeth are only taken out), many female inmates who are serving for more than 3 years don’t want to lose their teeth.

Complaints on failure to assist sick person were gotten from each inmate. The story is the same everywhere — absence of diagnosis procedures and medicine. We heard out every inmates, made a records in register book and gave the list to the administration — 6 people.

Moreover complaints of two inmates are serious: one with re-examination of disability and serious disease (request by O. I. Dianova, control left for administration), second one with consultation of expert. Most will be surprise but pre trial detention-5 has a method when inmates are driven out to local hospitals. However many complaints on medical treatment so we pointed out it. The administration promised to conduct medical revision.

The inmates say about absence of medical papers and information about diagnosis. I was surprised by their passive behavior (where are claims, appeals and attorney claims?). I explained them how to do it. The question arose why attorneys don’t work at all?

Complaints on broken cigarettes, officers always inspect cigarettes by breaking them. Complaints on absence of shop, mayonnaise (according to the administration: it’s short-lived thing) but they promised to solve the problem.  We have been to isolation ward (there was a woman, 5 days), the reasons — inward conflicts — the recommendations to keep separately. Transit wards — complaints on absence of books and medicine (medicine was written out but run out of it). Quarantine ward — one inmate (50 years woman) — necessity of physiologist. The third floor, hospital department. The problem  with area standards, complaints on taking out of cigarettes and window without glass covered with polyethylene.

As for the rest food, delivery from relatives and meetings with human rights defender are in good condition. Many inmates are expecting general pardon, complaining about investigation and testimony.

Inspection is over, main issues are discussed, essential records are made in the register book for Public Monitoring Committee. I think soon we will get there over again to check what has been done after our inspection.

Dmitry Rozhin,

the Chairman of Public Monitoring Committee of Sverdlovsk region.


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