Happy New Year!!!

С Новым Годом!!!!!

Happy New 2014 Year for our readers!!!

Throughout the year we have been working hard to protect human rights. We have been trying to change the situation at least a little in Russia: to teach authorities to respect human rights and to help people who are detained as well as their relatives. That was our main goal in 2013.

This year we have spent much time visiting the penal colonies and courts to serve justice for convicts. We have positive results of our trips and court decisions which make life of simple convicts easier. We know that our activity is aimed for people’s good.

We are working without seeking any profit, we don’t take money from mothers, wives, sisters and others and we are trying to help everyone who addresses to our organization. People respect us for our honesty and generosity.

We wish convicts to get back home as soon as possible as well as health for them in 2014.

Thanks for being with us!!!

Human rights defenders of the Urals.






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