Analytical report on law and convicts’ rights violations in correctional facilities of Sverdlovsk region for 2013

Аналитическая справка о нарушениях законодательства и прав осужденных в исправительных учреждениях Свердловской области за 2013 год

In the colonies of Sverdlovsk region not much has changed over the past year,  only convicts are not murdered so much. The situation in some penitentiaries is difficult so far where the administration keeps discipline with help «activists» who used to be in the section of discipline and order. It was abolished in 2009 by Federal Service for Execution of punishment.

General of Sverdlovsk Federal Service S.V.Khudorozhkov is aware of abolishment but he stays away from resolving this problem.

Due to this fact in May, 2013 massive protests broke out in Nevyansk. General was forced to admit existence of the problem officially but over again in only one colony.

Authorities always shows perfect picture of colonies’ conditions in Sverdlovsk region-everything is fine, law is observed. To look at the site of Federal Service there are everywhere festivals, awards and sport events, so you can conclude that life in penitentiary is vivid and full of positive events. It’s only in perfect world but in reality it’s quite to contrary.

During this year Human Rights Defenders of the Urals have won 5 court sessions over prison officers who violate the law constantly. As a law violator Sverdlovsk Federal Service was brought to responsibility in two court decisions. However problem is not resolved and the penal colony №62 keeps to break the law. Needless to say that whole Main Prison Committee is doing nothing and as for penitentiaries anarchy is up there.

Some statistics:

January 3, 2013. Yekaterinburg,  penal colony №2. Members of Public Monitoring Committee are not allowed to tape video of convict. Prosecutor office before put submission of violation upon the same reason.

February 21, 2013. Nevyansk, penal colony №46. Human rights defenders are not admitted for meeting with convict and Roman Kachanov are detained by the administration and his own stuff is taken away. Belongings are not given back yet. Court fights are in process.

February 2013. Ivdel, penal colony №55. Prison officers transfer convict with open type of tuberculosis without making a record in personal file. This convict is kept together with healthy inmates in pre trial detention center-1 of Yekaterinburg.

February 22, 2013. Yekaterinburg, pre trial detention center-1. Officers beat inmate Demko and transfer him to colony where his bodily harm is recorded.

March 14, 2013. Tavda, the penal colony №26. Representative of Federal Service of Sverdlovsk region I.V. Romankov puts under the pressure convict German also he threatens him for 3-4 hours. Romankov wants to make German to write a claim over members of Public Monitoring Committee.

March 2013. Nevyansk,  penal colony №46. Human rights defenders are not let to provide legal help for convicts.

April 2013. Juvenile correctional facility. Kirovgrad. Prison officers feed inmates bad quality food

April 2013. Sosva, the penal colony №18. Inmates are in awful living conditions, no fuel, no way to wash. Conditions of barracks is horrible in critical condition, cold and humid.

May 2013. Ivdel, penal colony №62.  The colony Chief Gusev is on suspicion of taking bribe.

May 2013. Ivdel, penal colony №62. Human rights defenders over again are not admitted for meeting with convcits to provide legal help. The reason was ideal: absence of Chief deputy Aleksandr Procenko.

May 2013. Nevyansk,  penal colony №46. Massive riots of inmates due to beatings by «activists» from discipline section.

June 2013. Ivdel, penal colony №62. Human rights defenders are not admitted to inmates. The same reason: no Chief of the colony.

June 2013. Nizhny Tagil, penal colony № 5. Colony administration tortures inmates with help of «activists» from discipline section renamed into Fire prevention squad.

June 2013. Yekaterinburg,  penal colony №2. Convict Tarkhan Kartoyev according to the official line died from heart attack, but according to non official version the reason was beatings. On body numerous injuries and bruises.

July 2013. Ivdel,  penal colony №62, 63. Human rights defenders are not admitted inside of the territory, the reason is inmates reject legal help from us.


July 2013. Nizhny Tagil,  penal colony №5. «Activists» beat convict M. V. Baibatyrov. Members of Public Monitoring Committee A. Manasov and A. Kalayev don’t demand to record traces of injuries because administration promises to call off disciplinary punishment. However afterwards is transferred to the penal colony №63 of Ivdel to be in ward-type room where he is under physical and psychological pressure. As a result he refuses to get legal help.

August 2013. Verkhoturie, penal colony №53. Upon arrival convicts are beaten.

August 2013. Kamensk-Uralsky,  penal colony №47. Massive convicts’ protest. They launch a hunger strike against violence by «activists».

August 2013. Yekaterinburg, pre trial detention-1. Администрация не пускает правозащитников на свидания с осужденными, которых вывезли из ИК-47 в связи с голодовкой.

August 2013. Yekaterinburg, pre trial detention center-1. Drunk inmates.

November 2013. Yekaterinburg, the penal colony №2. Beaten inmate.

December 2013. Yekaterinburg, pre trial detention center-1. Convicts are subjects for violence.

December 2013. Yekaterinburg, pre trial detention center-5. Complaints of convict women on absence of medical treatment.

This year we file more cases on rights protection

By positive court decisions we can state that most of the problems with law occur because of illiteracy of prison officers. Upon arrival to the colony we can feel it.

Thus we offered General of Federal Service for Execution of punishment S.V. Khudorozhkov to organize educational trainings among prison officers with help of Public organization lecturers «Human and Law». He rejected. Apparently «motto» to violate the law is going to be the main concept.

The most problematic colonies are the penal colony №2 of Yekaterinburg, №5 of Nizhny Tagil, №47 of Kamensk-Uralskij, №55,62. 63 of Ivdel.

The main problems are

-moral and physical abuse by other inmates so called «activists»-agents of administration;

-physical and physiological pressure aimed to get refusal from legal help.

-living conditions are to the standard, especially in pre trial detention center and correctional facilities (Sosva, Gari, Ivdel, Tavda) of Sverdlovsk region;

-lack of medical treatment for inmates;

-numerous facts of no sending out mail in particular claims and complaints;

-persecution of convicts as fake disciplinary punishment for refusal to fulfill unlawful orders of administration;

-lack or absence of phones which deprives of a communication right. As a result it causes corruption(prison officers take a bribe then they give cell phones to inmates.)

Human rights defenders and members of Public Monitoring Committee put much effort to get rid of mentioned problems in correctional system of Sverdlovsk region.

Next year we will increase our defenders trips in penitentiaries, because quantity of Public Committee of third calling is higher than it used to be.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.


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