Belgorod Federal Service for Execution of punishement’s abuse of power


In correctional facilities of Belgorod region prisoners are close to despair.

Now information coming from penal colony № 6 of Valujki which is close to №. During 6 months three inmates died; they are injected with some stuff. Yesterday again death. They don’t send out mails; you cannot catch prosecutor there. Someone who complains put away in solitary.

Nobody saw Public Monitoring Committee at all. Living conditions are terrible. Prisoners are about to shout.

The same situation is in penal colony №5 in Belgorod. In both colonies chiefs are changed, when new ones arrived from Mordovia which is famous for its tortures.

In penal colony №5 I wasn’t admitted inside illegally; apparently they are scared to let the truth on surface. They didn’t let me in colony №7. But there is information that convict A.Filativ is close to death.

Waiting for extra information.

Beginning of Federal Service for Execution of punishment’ s abuse of power. Who is going to stop it?


Larisa Zakharova,

Fund Expert «For convicts’ rights protection»,

Coordinators Council member «Trans regional center of human rights»,

member of Public Monitoring Committee of Sverdlovsk region.



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