Hidden torture chamber found in Nizhny Tagil !!!

В Нижнем Тагиле пытают людей. В ИК-5 обнаружена потайная камера пыток!!!

On January 24th 2014 members of Public Monitoring Committee of Sverdlovsk region Vasily Rybakov and Sergey Kirillov as well as their colleague from Chelyabinsk journalist and human rights defender Oksana Trufanova inspected penal colony № 5 of Nizhny Tagil.

There human rights defenders were supposed to check living conditions of convicts Konstantin Malashenko and Vladislav Bayazitov transferred to Tagil’s colony from Chelyabinsk.

Administration of penal colony №5 didn’t allow Oksana Trufanova to get a meeting with convicts, they motivated refusal by absence of Investigation committee permission. Oksana is their defender in criminal case upon accusation in riots of Kopeysk.

As Oksana Trufanova says: «As we stepped inside of colony, officers began to yell at us».

«I looked at colony officers: even before Kopeysk riots I didn’t see things like that, because there they treat at least human rights defenders and members of Public Monitoring Committee respectfully.

Here security and operative work deputy refused to present himself and he was enraged like close to beat us up. I can’t imagine how he treats inmates. I won’t leave it unpunished,-says Oksana.

According to Vasily Rybakov: «Colony officers threatened Oksana. They tried to take her cell and my camers. Oksana was forced to leave colony without meeting with her convicts.»

«Situation in fifth colony is very complicated! There something abnormal happens judging by reaction of chief and his officers»-says Vasily Rybakov.

The main target was Oksana Trufanova gets to convicts. Administration  says you might complain everywhere you want, we are not going to let her in.

To get inside could manage only members of Public Committee Vasily Rybakov and Sergey Kirillov who found a convict in solitary and noticed that hands have traces from hand cuffs.



Convict said that he was being tortured for one week. They threw him in the snow and poured with cold water, all the rest time he was hung for arms. Officers made him sign paper about assistance with administration what is illegal. Besides in one corridor members found secret door  disguised as a wall where administration didn’t allow to go. In opinion of defenders it must be torture chamber.»


About Kopeysk convicts K.Malashenko and V. Bayazitiv Vasily Rybakov informed: «We could get there, received complaints. We didn’t find facts of tortures but we are afraid that they’d have problems with officers after our visit.»

According to defenders convicts accused in Kopeysk riots are hidden from public in order they don’t give testimony.

Criminal case was fabricated for hiding crimes of penal colony officers.

«Now we are going to write claims to police, Investigation committee and prosecutor office which have to make committee for inspection. After seeing in colony I’ll write everywhere I can, I want as many people as possible find out about it», states Oksana Trufanova.

To protect convicts Oksana addressed to Human Rights Council under President of the Russian Federation.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.

Photos by Vasily Rybakov.




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