Either the chief of penal colony № 63 Lopatkin deceives court or General -Major Khudorozhkov lies to General — Lieutenant Rydyi

Кто кого обманул?

Yesterday on January 28th court session chaired by justice of the peace went on about accusation of convict B. in bodily harm to «activist-convict» M. from penal colony № 63; we wrote about it before.

The key point in court session was clarification if there were video tapings of incident occurred between convicts B. and M. Thus, witness V.A. Ezhov was examined over again who is the operative department chief. He clarified that not everywhere they have cameras and video recorder. According to him only operative officers and duty shift have recorders. In the course of questioning Ezhov attorney Roman Kachanov filed an appeal about disclosure of the chief of colony № 63 V.L.Lopatkin’s answer: if there were video camera, tape in incident place. Court satisfied an appeal and read out response.

According to this response in squad №1 (where conflict took place) there are two cameras — one supervises quarantine zone. But somehow none of them didn’t tape «necessary» part of corridor.

The same situation with video recorders which should be stuck to clothes of officers.

As you would expect nobody had them in incident time. As it says due to incomplete assembly…

Here we are! But the Head of Federal Service for Execution of punishment  S. V. Khudorozhkov has completely different knowledge. Besides he announced it officially in his report on extended meeting of Federal Service board where the Head deputy A.A. Rydyy participated.

Thus Khudorozhkov stated that «We carry on operations on equipping of facilities with new technical means of security» (set up 3053 items), changing monochrome cameras with color cameras». Moreover, «Each facility of Federal Service completed with video recorders».(!?).

Interesting who gives false information to S.V. Khudorozhkov? Apparently the chief of penal colony № 63 V.L. Lopatkin and maybe other chiefs who have the same problems?

If this information is true announced by Khudorozkov then it turns out Lopatkin gives fake knowledge in the court house..

It means when it’s profitable the picture in penal colony № 63 is perfect and as a whole in Sverdlovsk region and vice versa when it’s better to draw a picture like officers are poor and unhappy ones then we see different information officially on court session..

In court attorney Roman Kachanov made an effort to find out by filing an appeal about questioning Lopatkin. However court didn’t satisfy an appeal…

Who is lying here: General-Major Khudorozhkov to General- Lieutenant or Lopatkin to court? We hope not only we are going to find it out but also authorities for example, the heads Federal Service of Execution of punishment…

Within court session interrogating officer T.A.Krylova was examined there.

There were many questions in particular why penal colony № 63 officers have a lot of inconsistencies, why they don’t know those facts they told about to investigator which they cannot to repeat back in the court.

Often they even say that don’t know those people about whom they told to investigator. Thus, for example on the first session minor inspector of security explained that he doesn’t know convict X. however in his testimony he referred on him calling him by last name… There are so many inconsistencies in court. It made impression officers from penal colony № 63 didn’t testify by themselves, someone else did it.

In the end interrogating officer T.A.Krylova couldn’t explain why it’s like that..

What can we say, according to the Russian Constitution: » Everybody has privilege against self incrimination». So if officers told the truth they would show their real face.

The next court session is held on February 20 2014.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.

Photos: 66.fsin.su




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