Impunity of prison officers terrified

Безнаказанность тюремщиков ужасает или как ломали чеченца

Yesterday on January 30, 2014 I went to penal colony № 5 to visit beaten convict — Chechen nationality — Yusup Tepishev who was discovered in solitary by members of Public Monitoring Committee of Sverdlovsk region.

I got permission without any problems, statement signed, went to short meetings room and I saw  Tepishev there waiting for me. I asked him how he feels, about health? The answer was positive, he looks well but hands are still swollen. For some time he has been looking at my ID of Expert Council member under Ombudsman in the Russian Federation, apparently glass restricted his vision.


Yusup  told me he arrived to facility on January 5th, 2014 from pre trial detention center -1 of Yekaterinburg. No complaints on convoy guards or officers. In pre trial detention center before transfer he was examined by doctor. The doctor asked if he had any complaints on health. It’s nice when doctors do their jobs, because it’s supposed to be this way.

«Introduction» was over and Yusup began to tell about horror in penal colony № 5 of Nizhny Tagil. As I saw by his face he didn’t lie; he was saying things he saw and fell. Such a sincere story I couldn’t help believing him. He is from Chechnya, he was under investigation in Grozny, didn’t take part in military operations and armed groups. Yusup is accused for the first time and didn’t know dirty politics of prisons.


According to Yusup after being transferred to penal colony № 5 he was in box for five days. Then he was moved to dog run which is located next to standby unit. He spent there 1 day and night after what on January 10 he was put into cell № 12 of solitary where he was handcuffed to the door. This way he was till January 20, 2014. Officers took off cuffs only for food time. Since 10 to 20 January 2014 he was kept in cuffs and according to Yusup officers saw him every day but nobody even asked questions.

In addition to these tortures he was walked out naked outside, thrown in the snow and poured with water. Also officers put him down on the road sitting on them and saying that he would catch tuberculosis and die. But the most terrifying was to be hanged on armature with electrical current.

Terrible tortures of modern Russia.

All they want from him is to sign statement in the name of colony chief Laptev that he refuses from thievish traditions and promises to help out administration to carry order and abide the article 106. This article makes convicts work for two hours per week for the colony.

I’ve asked Yusup to write all illegal actions made by officers towards him and describe  every torture he’s been through. Tepishev agreed and asked a pen and paper. During this meeting we’ve been supervising by Major Eugene Sergeyevich Makarov through the glass. I asked him to give us the pen and paper for writing. He just denied and when I asked him to call the law article, he got nervous, jumped from the chair and declared that it doesn’t matter which law it is. This way I order to give a pen and that’s it. Later on Makarov said he would get a pen in solitary but Tepishev refused saying in solitary he cannot write.

Meanwhile in the short meeting room members of Public Monitoring Committee stepped in Vasily Rybakov and Aleksandr Anikin accompanied by chief colony Y. Laptev. I asked the chief why I cannot have here regular pen and told about violation from Makarov. But Laptev answered that handing over to convict is NOT ALLOWED.

I demanded to call the law which bans to do it. The chief just said it’s not permitted here and that’s all. Either Major or colony chief were sure you might complain everywhere you want we don’t care!!!

As Vasily Rybakov and Aleksandr Anikin said they left a note in log of Public Monitoring Committee. Later on members found that record in medical card of Tepishev was made only on January 24, 2014 after members discovered his bodily harm.

We see that LAW doesn’t make sense in this correctional facility.

We are scared by officers’ actions not only with refusal to carry a pen but tortures for weeks. Every officer sees it and nobody asks if it’s legal to torture, handcuff etc?


Why not a single camera doesn’t catch a moment of torturing convicts?

В Нижнем Тагиле пытают людей. В ИК-5 обнаружена потайная камера пыток!!!


These and other questions will be reflected in complaints to Investigation Committee, Prosecutor Office and Federal Service for Execution of punishment. Yusup Tepishev could manage to write a complaint after meeting with me; he gave this paper to members of Public Committee. This complaint already sent to necessary facilities.

We are taking Tepishev under our control. Except statements and complaints we are making  a claim to the European Court of Human Rights upon tortures.

Thanks members of Public Monitoring Committee recorded bodily harm in time.

Aleksey Sokolov,

Expert Council member under Ombudsman in the Russian Federation.

Photo by: Vasily Rybakov, Public Monitoring Committee of Sverdlovsk region member.


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