Correctional facility under a flag of «The jolly Roger»


The administration of correctional facility № 18 of Sverdlovsk Federal Service for Execution of punishment which is located in Sosva (440 km far away from Yekaterinbyrg) has exhibited before the public a piece of ragged cloth on the roof. Maybe they meant «Russian Flag».

Dirty and ragged cloth looks more like a flag of » The jolly Roger «. Apparently this way administration shows honestly that Laws of Russia are not operating in this correctional facility?

The fact of human rights violations in there human rights defenders know it firsthand . Recently members of Public Monitoring Committee have gone there: convicts are freezing in colony. Members were kept waiting for 2 hours and only after Prosecutor office got involved, they could manage to get to work. At the end of inspection they found a lot of violations.

Yesterday on February 3, 2014 human rights defenders and members of Public Monitoring Committee again went to penal colony № 18. Aleksey Sokolov stayed in colony office to wait if anyone wants to get legal help and Larisa Zakharova and Olga Dianova checked the facility.


There were no problems with territory admission but disturbing fact of waving piece of dirty cloth on the roof…


Upon result of this trip to Sosvinnsky correctional facilities members are going to draft conclusion.


Human rights defenders of the Urals.



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