Correctional facilities of Sosva are being wrecked


Finally we could manage to get village Sosva; the road is hubby. The first one is penal colony № 15; no difference we went there. First we saw how inmates are being put into prison truck, the last transfer from closed Puksinka. Having looked at this action I remembered scenes from movie about some penitentiary, somehow the heart shrinks. I saw many of such moments but this somehow stuck in memory. Severe faces, big bags, long road.

Even dogs were petrified. For outsiders it’s regular transfer of inmates. As for us-fear and despair, worries about life and health. That’s everything that prisoners are worried about.

There we have inspected solitaries and ward-type rooms. There one inmate from Zabaikalskij region is transferred to the same type of cell. It turns out he is detained in the regular cell on which it says: ward-type room and he is being there completely illegally. Moreover after examining the medical records of this prisoner we found he is put on hospital medication. Lawlessness.



Then we went to squad№3 where put sick inmates including open type of tuberculosis; the administration was surprised that we dared to get inside and they tried to talk us out of doing it. But we thought who would check them if everybody is scared.

It should be noted that the administration met us halfway, gladly let us with camera, even doctor was asked to stay for a while in order we could examine documents. Also they offered to take pictures of library and church school, squad is rundown building but refurbished inside.


We have been to canteen and tasted what inmates eat. Generally impression is good enough. Although this colony needs refurbishment. What prison authorities are doing about it? Interesting question. But conclusion is coming up..


The last is penal colony № 18. Some days ago our colleagues visited colony where found unbearable cold. We were met gladly and walked to warden where we defined route of inspection, we were allowed to take photos at random. We didn’t argue; we wanted to work to the maximum.


First we went to strict conditions squad where several inmates asked to speak with us. Noteworthy that administration immediately resolved all complains.



It should be noted that impression on sanitary condition of buildings leaves something to be desired. Worn-out walls, unpainted radiators and floors. Sad and dull picture. Overcrowded squad, more than 50 people on territory 50 meters.

About lockdown we got in solitaries where floods of complaints about bad living conditions, lack of medical treatment, freezing cells, pension nonpayment. Inmates are in freezing cells with mildew and lack of sun light. Convicts invited us to come over more often.

We were leaving with a heavy heart. On the one hand prison authorities including warden  meet us halfway on the another — convicts’complaints.

What about colony budget? Do they get money? Is there a chance to reconstruct colony?? These questions will be asked in our report. What kind of response and changes will be.. we’ll see.

Larisa Zakharova,

Public Monitoring Committee of Sverdlovsk region member.



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