We win after all!


On February 12, 2014 Human rights defenders of the Urals won one more lawsuit in the regional court. But this time against Federal Service for Execution of punishment in Sverdlovsk region.

Civil chamber of Sverdlovsk region has satisfied claims of Alexander Bochrov who has been living for 15 years in Russia without citizenship and willing to have it.

The representatives of Alexander: President of the Ural refugees association Lyudmila Lukasheva, the representative of Trans regional human rights center and attorney Roman Kachanov, members of Public Monitoring Committee Elena Nikolayeva and Sergey Kirillov, Expert Council under Ombudsman Aleksey Sokolov requested to declare statement of Directorate of the Federal Migration Service illegal according to which Bocharov is not citizen of the Russian Federation.

Judge Eugeniy Shumkov surprisingly examined empty folder called: «Bocharov’s case» attached by Directorate. Judge Irina Silina didn’t get how come Russian guy who is has father with Russian citizenship, still defined as person with indefinite legal status?

This story unfortunately is typical for our society. Born in USSR on the territory of Kazakh SSR after Soviet Union collapse moved to the Ural.

1997. The Head of Tygylym passport department Lyubov Astratova refused to make papers for Alexander, his younger brother and mother. For 10 years mother lived with Kazakh ID until she died.

Unsuccessfully father Alexander senior has visited her. He was said that citizenship is inherited from mother. After father died also, there was nobody to take care left. Then in a row they went to penitentiaries. ..

We don’t know how this story would end up if Alexander’s fiancée didn’t get involved. Young woman enquired with  Directorate of the Federal Migration Service personally in Nevyansk region where her fiancé has been serving his sentence then she addressed to court house. Four negative decisions didn’t stop this woman. He asked human rights activists to help her out and studied all necessary laws. And the most important she always believed and believe in justice!

All troubles for Alexander Bocharov didn’t finish yet: appeal has filed against court decision denied a chance on parole; he stays detained. But ray of hope appeared: actions were declared illegal.

He got his chance. Time will show if authorities of Directorate of the Federal Migration Service stop arbitrariness towards people. Meanwhile friends and relatives take congratulations for Alexander!

Lyudmila Lukasheva,

President of the Ural refugee association, Yekaterinburg.

8 902 263 45 45


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