Human rights defenders are under apprehension of convict’s life who was found with tortures traces


Sverdlovsk human rights defenders  under apprehension of life of convict of penal colony № 5 Yusup Tepishev. He complained of tortures applied by penitentiary officers in the end of January.


According to member of Public Monitoring Committee Vasily Rybakov, they want him to refuse his statement which was written to Investigation Committee and Federal Service for Execution of punishment on human rights defenders’ advice. Yusup found by members in solitary on January 24. He told human rights defenders that upon arrival he was subject to horrible tortures. According to him Yusup was kept in dogs’ cage cuffed to the door. Moreover they showed him outside naked and poured with water and thrown in the snow. «Also officers put him down on the road sitting on them and saying that he would catch tuberculosis and die. But the most terrifying was to be hanged on armature with electrical current.» -says Aleksey Sokolov.

003 They forced him to sign refusal from thieve traditions and promised to help administration to maintain discipline and follow the article 106 which stays that each inmates are supposed to work for free within 2 hours a week in the colony,-explains human rights defender.

After telling it human defenders asked him to write statement. Colony authorities didn’t allow to pass a pen and paper to convict without explanation. However later this statement was written.

At the moment upon this statement pre investigational check is being carried out.



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