Legal education for wardens


In Sverdlovsk regional court house there was the fifth successful decision upon denial of access for attorney and human rights defenders to penal colony №62 and this case is the fourth of representative of NGO «For convicts» rights protection» and proxy holder.

Panel of judges in administrative cases of Sverdlovsk region has proved unreason of appeal from penal colony №62 by asking the same question over again: what about art.48 of Constitution of the Russian Federation, art.12 and art.89 of Correctional Code of Russia which provide a right on legal help for convict? And do convicts have to inform administration that they want to have legal help or to meet with their representative of human rights organization?

We got ready for court session
We got ready for court session

Besides Panel of judges were wondering why administration of penal colony № 62 doesn’t satisfy a judgment over again which establishes not to obstruct representatives of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection» in providing meetings for legal help.

The result: Decision of Verkh-Isetsky regional court on 18.10.2013 by judge Evgeniya Saveliyeva which states denial of access by A.Y.Svyatodukhov to be illegal.

Also interlocutory orders were made towards Federal Service for Execution of punishment of Sverdlovsk region to bring things in order in penitentiaries and to enforce rights to get legal assistance and meetings with human rights defenders. Orders towards penal colony №62 upon enforcement of court decisions.


As for us we felt happiness: justice is served.

Unfortunately the same story took place in another penal colony to which  human rights defenders cannot get to. Thing is about penal colony №2 where warden V. Korotkov today denied access to human rights defender Larisa Zakharova to meet with convict B. Violating p.68 of internal rules warden didn’t put a mark about denial reason, moreover he refused access on the ground which many times (5 times exactly) has been stated unlawful in courts: absence of convicts’ statements on legal help.

So.. We have to deal with legal enlightenment for Korotkov..

Human rights defenders of the Urals and representatives of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection»- Larisa Zakharova, Roman Kachanov, Aleksey Sokolov, Svetlana Malyugina.

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