Prison officers lose the case once again

Правовое просвещение начальников колоний: Коротков пойдет вслед за Гусевым

 The head of educational department  with convicts of penal colony № 26 in Tavda of  Sverdlovsk region senior lieutenant of internal service R. I. Kesembaev carried out search of briefcase of attorney Vladislav  and  took out  two cell phones, sim-cards and charger, as well as flashdrives .

All the assurances of attorney that he acts according to the law and has a right not to give these technical things remained unheard .

On this matter the colony officer  drew up a protocol, things were removed, and the paper sent to the court for rewiev on the merits. At the request of attorney case will be examined according to place of residence of Vladislav Averianov in Yekaterinburg.

In Ordzhonikidzevsky regional court  attorney Averyanov and human rights activist Dmitry Rozhin . At the court hearing Dmitry Rozhin and Vladislav Averyanov  presented materials proving the illegality of  actions of the colony officer. Court agreed and ordered to stop proceedings against Vladislav Averianov due to the lack of an administrative offense .



This lawsuit showed again the lowest level of education of prison officers in  Sverdlovsk region. Perhaps Prison Main Committee recruits anybody and doesn’t control them.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.


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