Thanks to this person who made public control work in detention facilities

Благодаря этому человеку в России стал действовать общественный контроль за МПС

Valery Vasilievich Borschev, member of Moscow-Helsinki group, also President of Fund «Social Partnership» tells how public control has begun in Russia, how human rights defenders have put forward proposed law about Public Monitoring Committees and what kind of difficulties Valery and his colleagues have experienced.

With help of Valery Vasilievich an idea of Public Monitoring Committee has turned from possibility into reality as Federal Law dated 10.06.2008 №76 «On public control in enforcement of rights in detention facilities».

Valery Vasilievich has taken the lead of Moscow Public Monitoring Committee of the first and the second callings. Public Monitoring Committee under chairman of Valery Vasilievich has been working hard, bringing to light tons of problems in human rights’ violation in detention facilities, conducting public investigations of the most sensational affairs of murders and tortures, speaking in public with accusations against penitentiary system’s workers.

The sharpest speech was public investigation into lawyer’s death of Hermitage Capital Fund -Sergey Magnitsky.

Lately Valery Vasilievich comes under attacks of so called «human rights defenders» guided by government who work in legal field with the aim of money making or spin themselves.

Not long ago Valery Vasilievich has checked into hospital. Now it’s satisfactory condition.

God grant him good health and strength!

Human rights defenders of the Urals.



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