Human rights defenders of the Urals fight for the amnesty. The first results are successful

Правозащитники Урала бьются за амнистию. Первые результаты – положительные

Within one of the inspections of penal colony № 56 also known as «Black war eagle»,

members of mobile human rights group (Public Monitoring Committee, attorneys, human rights defenders) have discovered convict Yuri Mikhailov who was included in the amnesty in 2000. The things is that mentioned convict did military service as platoon commander in Afghanistan. The grounds for the amnesty are battle participation in motherland defense or military service in combat army.

It became clear that in 2010 convict Mikhailov sent a request to Savelovsky military enlistment office of Moscow through facility administration where his officer ID and personal record are supposed to be. But only one year later he received a response from officer Chaylovsky who stated that personal record had been sent to another military service and there is no information upon his service in army in Mikhailov’s military ID. Following which long letter writing has begun with different state authorities including the State Archives of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

отчет Чайковского

In 2012 they received another statement from Savelovsky military enlistment service of Moscow signed by Philipov which proves that Mikhailov served in the army located in Afghanistan. Eventually convict and administration have two documents which contradict one another: upon first document he did military service in Afghanistan, upon another one — never been there.

ответ Филиппова

In 2013 Ivdel prosecutor office said that due to these documents only court can finish this case.


 At the end of 2013 convicts addressed to Ivdel court house in order to challenge the first document signed by military service officer Chaykovsky. After that Aleksey Sokolov and Roman Kachanov got into case.

On April 7-8 of 2014 the next court hearings were held upon this case. The representatives of convict Sokolov and Kachanov completely proved unlawfulness of Chaykovsky’s paper. Judge O.A. Lechenkova agreed with evidences from convict’s representatives and handed down a positive decision.

Even though judge decision didn’t put away numerous questions. For example, Chaykovsky notified that personal record of Mikhailov was sent to Pskov regional military enlistment service.


However according to the letter from Pskov they didn’t get this record. Where is personal record now? Nobody knows so far. But there is one more fact — documents such as copy of qualification card were delivered which state that Mikhailov was in the army as commander. But in copy of military ID there is no information about serving in there…There is Mikhailov’s sign..

военный билетВБ стр.7.

Aleksey Sokolov and Roman Kachanov keep working with this case  and finding the truth.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.

Photo: Yuri Mikhailov.


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