People want to fight against arbitrariness in correctional facilities

Число граждан, желающих бороться с произволом в УИС, растет с каждым днем

A woman, who has unified parents of prisoners in order to defense rights of their sons and daughters, came over to office of Human rights defenders of the Urals. This organization is called «Convicts’ mothers committee». The reason for unification is arbitrariness in correctional facilities in Sverdlovsk region.

Tortures, beatings and humiliation are common in some colonies of region. Sverdlovsk Federal Service for Execution of punishment doesn’t see or doesn’t want to see obvious violations in there and generally takes the side of people violating the law. Prosecutor office usually stands still and sends formal replies to people looking for justice in service.

That’s why people are unified in order to protect rights of them and relatives who are in correctional facilities.

Here Lyudmila Ivanovna shares information about appeals of unlawful actions of jailers in penal colony № 47. One day prisoners refused to take food as a protest against violence towards prisoners by jailers and «convicts-activists» who set discipline and order by means of tortures. Administration of colony and Federal Service for Execution of punishment could manage to hush up this affair, they transferred some protesting convicts into other colonies.

Human rights defenders of the Urals tried to find out the reason for conflict but they were not admitted there. Convicts were spread to different colonies.

Parents of them kept hoping in justice in this case and wrote to different authorities. There were  mass hunger strike, bruises, illegal organizations of convicts in order to keep discipline in colony. But things are not moving.

Parents could achieve one purpose: bringing some jailers to disciplinary responsibility. But who were those people, we don’t know. Very confidential information!!!

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We exchanged contact details with Lyudmila Ivanovna and agreed to be in touch. We wished her health and patience.

When she left we realized that people actively try to protect their rights and fight against arbitrariness, impunity. Only together we will be able to bring violators to responsibility.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.


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