Unsheduled inspection of «Legal Basis». Video


Today there was unscheduled inspection in the office of non-commercial partnership «Legal Basis» (Yekaterinburg). «Legal Basis» was the first to be checked from amongst NGOs in Yekaterinburg.  Supervising facilities found out all the information about «Legal Basis» from the site: «Human rights defenders of the Urals».

Inspection officers (3 people out of Prosecutor office, Ministry of Justice and Federal Tax Service) have looked through charter documents, asked about conducted meetings, pickets etc. and also sponsorship from abroad.

«Legal Basis» has been checked by Regional Prosecutor office and as for other NGOs, they will be inspected by local prosecutor offices. How we gained such status to be checked by Regionals, we have no idea but we guess somehow…

Officers have had a look at the site: «Human rights defenders of the Urals» and personal account of Aleksey Sokolov on Live Journal. They didn’t make any complaints, behaved politely so that human rights defenders were surprised at such officers …

Prosecutor handed in written request to show documents of organization about finance activity  and obligate Director of «Legal Basis» Aleksey Sokolov to bring all the papers to the Prosecutor office.

Then inspectors said their goodbyes an left.


 Human rights defenders of the Urals



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