«Bloody» searches by special task forces in Lipetsk region

«Кровавые» обысковые мероприятия силами СПЕЦНАЗ УФСИН в Липецкой области

Our organization has acquired information about unlawful violence by officers from power departments that is on April 25th from 10-11 am in penal colony № 4 of Elets in Lipetsk region special task forces from Federal Service for Execution of punishment came into solitaries and ward-type rooms (about 40 people) for carrying search; in addition officers forced prisoners to run along the corridor one by one and hit them in the back, legs and head. Officers from Federal Service for Execution of punishment yelled at prisoners with Caucasian appearance: «Non Russians are overrunning our country». Some prisoners hurt themselves protesting against these actions. Besides, in the course of «blood» search officers extorted personal belongings without drawing Order of seizure and Inventory of property. This «procedure» lasted till 3 pm. Administration of colony turned the music on loudly in order to drown out noises and screaming of prisoners. As we found out such «events» in correctional facilities in Lipetsk region happened not for the first time. Thus, on March 19th, about 11 am. officers from Federal Service for Execution of punishment (about 50 people) together with special task forces burst into premises with prisoners, as if they had to provide security. This «alliance» of officers from the Main Committee and administration unlocked cells, drove out of a place, threw things out of cells. Also special task forces made prisoners run along the corridor, humiliating human dignity by cussing and beatings. One got broken arm, another one — head. According to available information, all these people didn’t get to special posts where are kept isolated and so-called «thieves in law» (four of them); they completely isolated from outer world, some of them are not given meetings with family members and children. Such «events» are not unusual in Lipetsk region, next scheduled massive repressive searches were this year across all colonies in Lipetsk prison department. Prisoners are close to despair. What does administration want? Why do they violate human rights?

Larisa Zakharova, section member of International society of human rights, Fund Expert «For convicts’ rights protection».



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