Fake «medical worker» in penal colony № 26?

Самозванец в ИК-26?

Our human rights organization has received information that medical worker, who doesn’t have any proficiency, on behalf of doctor examines and treats  prisoners with tuberculosis in correctional facility № 26 in Belyi Yar of Tavdinsky area in Sverdlovsk region. Many prisoners complain that this so-called doctor refuses to carry on full examination in specialized facility for them.

According to the information Human rights defenders of the Urals have, last year convict C. while being in penal colony № 26, asked for full examination of his health in particular tubercle bacillus but medical «specialist» refused to do it, also she aggressively rejected to transfer this convict to medical facility for examination. Only with help of relatives and various claims to Federal Facilities he was transferred to medical correctional facility № 51 where he had been diagnosed with tuberculosis right away.

On April 29th, 2014 attorney Vladislav Averyanov and Fund Expert «For protection of convicts’ rights» Aleksey Sokolov went to penal colony № 26. The same day there was inspection in colonies of Tavda by members of Public Monitoring Committee who decided to help attorney and human rights defender to check information about medical worker if he had document proving his medical education or not.

Sergey Kirillov and Vasily Rybakov
members of Public Monitoring Committee
attorney Vladislav Averyanov and members of Public Monitoring Committee

Colony administration couldn’t give us information about him whether he was entitled to carry on examination for prisoners with tuberculosis or not. Human rights defenders referred to conversation with medical worker who admitted that she wasn’t entitled to be a doctor. There is tape of this conversation.

Due to the fact that medical departments are out of control of wardens and now under control of Federal Service of Execution of punishment, human rights defenders couldn’t find if medical worker had papers or not.

Upon this fact we will file requests and complaints to appropriate body.

Meanwhile, meeting with convict was given without any obstacles. Attorney Valdislav Averyanov met with his client, who complained of not being examined and treated. Members of Public Monitoring Committee of Sverdlovsk region also met with this convict, who stated that he refused to undergo medical tests (blood, urine tests.. etc) to doctors of colony because his previous tests had been lost and he didn’t see the point to do it over again.

Human rights defenders and administration of colony made an agreement that this convict would be transferred to medical facility for full examination.


Aleksey Sokolov, according to art. 89, part 4 of Penal Code, met with convict who earlier complained of officers, working in premises for receiving parcels for prisoners. The reason of complaint was denial to hand over received parcel to prisoner. It turned out he was allowed by his doctor  to get additional parcel. Within meeting he refused his complaints because he received his parcel before this meeting with human rights defender.

Later on human rights defenders found out that there was X-ray examination for almost all prisoners, 40-45 of them underwent medical tests (blood).

Then Aleksey Sokolov went to penal colony № 19 which is located next to penal colony № 26, where he tried to meet with two convicts for counseling but warden Nikolay Krukov refused meeting without cause. The same day warden denied access for attorney who wanted to see his client about case which will be held in Supreme Court. Thus, attorney couldn’t find opinion of convict upon this case.

Upon these facts claims will be filed.

We need to thank chief assistance of Federal Service for Execution of punishment Georgy Gubankov who tried to bring warden Nikolay Krukov to his senses saying about necessity to observe the law. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

We will be monitoring the developments.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.


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