Human rights defenders keep inspecting correctional facilities of Tavda…

Правозащитные посещения исправительных колоний г. Тавда продолжаются…

On May 13th, 2014 human rights defenders: director of NGO «Legal Basis» Aleksey Sokolov and attorney Roman Kachanov inspected correctional facilities № 26, 19 which are located in Tavda of Sverdlovsk region.

The reason for this trip was counseling of prisoners, as well as preparation for trials in Verkh-Isetsky regional court in Yekaterinburg concerning defense of convicts’ and members’ of Public Monitoring Committee rights.

Thus, in correctional facility № 26 attorney and human rights defender met with convict E. and D. Meetings were organized by warden of facility Alexander Shek without any problems in rooms for short meetings. Upon one convict’s request we held confidential meeting with him. Warden explained that they don’t have separated room for attorney meetings and so far it is not possible to make space for it (because failure to broaden boarders of the territory; colony is close to abrupt river side).Generally officers were quite favorable to visit by human rights defenders and didn’t obstruct their work.

Convict E. told about detainment conditions in colony № 5 in Nizhny Tagil, about unlawful actions towards prisoners in order to influence them. Particularly, case of mass self maiming because of existing anarchy in there and omission of the Chairman of Public Monitoring Committee of the second calling Manasov.   Meeting with convict D. went as a part of trial preparation on statement made by member of Public Monitoring Committee Vasily Rybakov about obstruction of public control in medical facility under penal colony № 2 in March of 2014.

No complaints towards administration of penal colony № 26 were not found.

Then we had a meeting with convict F. with the purpose of legal assistance. in penal colony № 19. We cannot say that meeting was organized without obstruction in there. This day there was neither warden Krukov nor his deputy Zavadsky, there was only «responsible in colony». Searches for so called «responsible in colony» took much time (more than 1 hour) and only after conversation with him  and submission of documents, he gave us meeting.

Meeting was held in main office; in room for classes. Looking back, meeting for legal help took place in room for short meetings  what distracted communication of prisoner with their family members. This time administration became wiser and it points that officers are ready to compromise…

Meeting with convict F. held as a part of trial preparation for case concerning denial of access for attorneys and human rights activists to the medical correctional facility on the grounds of  sanitation and  epidemiological criteria. Also some lawyer issues were discussed with convict F.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.


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