By hook or by crook

Прокуратура осталась глуха и слепа к обращению ОНК

In Russia human rights organizations face the second wave of «foreign agents hunting». So far  two Chelyabinsk organizations have received the invitations to Prosecutor office: Ural human rights group and Ural democratic fund. These are organizations which had got warning of inadmissibility to violate law during the first wave of «hunting».

Eight inspection (!) conducted in April of 2013 by all authorities didn’t disclose either violations in these organizations or some facts proving that organizations were about to break the law. Nevertheless they have warnings. We went to the court where judges didn’t see law breaks too but warnings from Prosecutor office didn’t call off, explaining that these warnings didn’t violate our rights (??).

We wasted time saying that after warnings we will get new inspections in order to find the slightest hint of violation and yell: «We have warned you before!» Then -sanctions which Prosecutor will apply immediately!! It goes without saying!!

Regional prosecutor writes to his deputy: I have information that several NGO get sponsorship from abroad on activity which is not stated in charter documents; then he mentions names of our organizations. It’s like they need to check organization not because they are agents or spy but because of their «non charter activity».

Recommendations for inspectors: upon inspection use methods and experience of 2013 inspections.

Now we can only bet where courts and prosecutor office will stop over. As for us, they will have to work hard in order to find «non charter activity» because for more than 10 years our organizations have carried out the same projects with the same donors.

Each inspection resulted in conclusion that work of organization is according to charter documents and there are no inappropriate expenses. The same conclusion was made last year.

Unfortunately, our Prosecutor office and court will find things to stick to and without explanations. They always follow orders from authorities.

I demanded to open up the source of such information which says that we carry out inappropriate work in order to bring to responsibility someone for misleading information.

But I guess it will be much easier: authority is sick of NGOs, it will press button «ON» and print new law to get rid of us! It’s not for the first time, is it?

Nikolay Schur


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