Prisoner was murdered in torture chamber


«Hello! I want to tell you about murder of prisoner. 28.04.2014 in  penal colony № 2 on the so-called «third floor» in Operation Section, so-called «runners»* (prisoners who perform duties of deputy warden) killed another convict Kirill Ryazanov who is from Kamensk-Uralsky. Bastards stabbed him with a knife, then they beat his head off with wooden block. He was buried on May 5th with wraps because there was almost head. His mother was told that he was killed by other prisoners who used to work with him. But I am sure who did it.  

I was released from this prison two years ago. I was exactly under the rooms where prisoners are murdered. At nights we heard screaming of convicts as if they were tortured. It happened we were also in troubles: 12.07 or 14.06 2012, I don’t remember exactly. There someone was murdered either. That day some Seva performed duties of «runner» and as far as I know Denis does it. Everything is done at their orders», —such alarming message has been received by member of Public Monitoring Committee of the Sverdlovsk Region Vasily Rybakov.

After this message Vasily urgently have sent claim to Investigation Committee of the Sverdlovsk Region. Later they have confirmed a fact of murder of convict.

СКАН 27.05.14 001

Suspicious deaths in penal colony № 2 are common things, people are killed in the centre of Yekaterinburg. From time to time we hear that there is another death in colony but we never see that someone was punished!!!

Was it made a cottage industry out of  murders of people?

Human rights defenders of the Urals.


Who stops “Torture factory”?

Members of Public Monitoring Committee are on. In penitentiary № 2 beaten inmate found

The facts are obvious. Beating of prisoner and denial of access for members of Public Monitoring Committee are linked




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