Ex-convict gives evidence in favor of jailers from penal colony № 2

ИК-2: трупы и судимый сотрудник колонии

Today on June 16th of 2014 in Verkh-Isetsky regional courthouse in Yekaterinburg there was court session chaired by judge N.A.Netsvetayeva over petition of convict Evgeniy Terekhin and attorney Roman Kachanov. There applicants were challenging denial of access for attorney Roman Kachanov in January 2014. Attoeney Kachanov came over to Terekhin to provide him with legal help concerning «Case in Kopeysk». Convict Terekhin has been  in hospital at penal colony № 2 where according unspoken «rule» colony administration doesn’t allow attorneys and human rights defenders to help prisoners.

During court session Roman Kachanov has filed a motion to strike off a case due to the fact that there is the case over challenge of Order 119 of Ministry of Health № 640 and Ministry of Justice № 190 from 17.10.2005. «On medical treatment for convicts». This orders are reason for denial to meet with convicts.

We’ve already written that mentioned Order № 119 was declared to be unlawful by Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. However, this decision hasn’t come into force yet that’s why Roman Kachanov and Evgeniy Terekhin cannot make reference to it and they have filed a motion to strike off this case.

Judge N.A.Netsvetayeva thinking for 1,5 hour, handed down her decision in which she satisfied motion of Kachanov and Terekhin and struck off the case.

But we remembered this day not only by her decision.

Human rights defenders Aleksey Sokolov and Vasily Rybakov who came over to support Roman Kachnov were surprised a lot to see in the corridor jailer from penal colony № 2 who was there in order to give evidence in this case. This person is «famous» for judgment of conviction he got in 2005-2006 in the case over convict’s death Sergey Loboda.

His name is Alexander Tkachenko and in 2005 he used to be lieutenant. He «served» till the rank of major and now he works as Chief of special department in hospital at penal colony № 2.


It’s been told about Alexander Tkachenko’ crimes and his sidekick Alexander Birbasov in details in documentary «Torture factory or pedagogical practice».

What kind of evidence will criminals in uniform ????

We will be informing you about developments of this case.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.


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